HoverFly Tethered Solution for Yuneec H520

HoverFly Tethered Solution for Yuneec H520

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Hoverfly offers unlimited flight time with a high strength cable connected to AC and your Yuneec H520 drone.

Value Proposition

  • Capture aerial video ALL DAY without changing batteries
  • Live stream video to phone, tablet or display through video-out on controller
  • Easy to transport and setup, install is as simple as changing batteries
  • Includes 150ft tether, battery module and power supply that plugs into standard outlets
  • Safely land if power is interrupted with backup battery in tether module
  • Compatible with Typhoon H520

Hoverfly Tethered

Yuneec Typhoon H520

Weight (tether + module) 1.26 lbs

Weight (ground unit) 22 lbs (9.98 kg)

Tether Length 150 ft (60 m)

Backup battery 15.5 V 860 mAh

Case dimensions 15 x 12 x 7 in

Input requirements 120 V 60 Hz or 240 V 50 Hz